Online Advertising

Argaam has joined the list of global and regional pioneers, in the digital sector, which have appointed Connect Ads as the sole representative for selling and expanding their digital media solutions. Top international and regional brands are now enabled to engage with millions of consumers in the GCC, Egypt and North Africa, using Connect Ads suites of leading online portals and digital advertising technologies. This agreement is the first exclusive partnership that includes dedicated portals for the economics and finance news segments.

Advertising media
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Email Advertising

Email/Push Msgs Campaigns

Reach Argaam user/investor base who work in or are interested in the finance and Investments. With high incomes and market savvy, these users are very receptive to financial information. Actively engaged in every facet of the financial markets, these elite local users are familiar with banking, finance and investment strategies.

  • Use one of the most localized, simple, and in-depth GCC Service to inform your investment messages to your prospected investors.
  • Achieve your marketing goals with optimized Open rate, Bounce Rate, and interaction Campaigns that are targeted Local/GCC Investors.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is one of the hottest topics among investor relations officers (IROs) today. To engage or not to engage is increasingly less the question than when, how and where to do so.

  • Use Twitter and your IR website to keep track of your investment community.
  • Get a benefit from local tools and powers to tell the company’s story and disclose material financial information.
  • Integrate market data with news and financial analysis so you can stay on top of market-moving events as they occur and be in position to take action immediately.